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Our commitment is to offer mental health practitioners an Online Psychology CPD Course for lifelong learning through the Consult|CPD platform which offers the option of acquiring up to 30 CEU’s per year (including up to 6 units for ethics, human rights and medical law), depending on the modules selected.

Earn CEU's

Earn up to 30 CEU's

Earn up to 30 CEU's including units for ethics in General or Industrial Psychology. Our courses are HPCSA accredited.

Automated assessment

Automated assessment

Knowledge of the study material is assessed by means of online multiple choice questionnaires which can be completed in your own time.

CPD certificate

CPD certificates

An accredited certificate of completion can be downloaded at any time. Your CPD certificates are safely stored online.

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Our team has been delivering state of the art psychology CPD courses for 18 years. Our customers continually rave about the platform's ease of use.

The ethical practice of the health professions requires consistent and ongoing commitment to lifelong learning by all health practitioners through the process of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). CPD should address the emerging health needs and be relevant to the health priorities of the country. The document containing the updated CPD guidelines for health professions can be accessed on the HPCSA website.

A health practitioner is required to engage in CPD and accumulate CEUs per twelve-month period of which a specific number of CEUs should be for ethics, human rights and health law. All CEUs are valid for a period of 24 months from the date that the activity took place/ended.

Health practitioners who are registered in two different professions or categories must meet the requirements of the boards that are applicable. Health practitioners registered in more than one category within the same professional board should accrue thirty (30) CEUs per profession with the five (5) CEUs for ethics, human rights and health law per twelve-month period applicable to both professions.

Practitioners may obtain their units within their own discipline, speciality or sub-speciality or within another relevant discipline, speciality or sub-speciality.

Practitioners are responsible for updating their own portfolios until their names are drawn for a compliance audit. In order to assist them in this regard, ConsultCPD issues a CEU Certificate to participants who successfully complete the programme, and also keeps record of the units earned by each participant for a period of three years after the date on which the certificate was issued.

HPCSA 2022 Accreditation Submitted



HPCSA 2021 Approved Accreditation Numbers:

MODULE 1 – PSB002/086/01/2021, PSB002/087/01/2021, PSB002/088/01/2021
MODULE 2 – PSB002/090/01/2021, PSB002/091/01/2021, PSB002/092/01/2021
MODULE 3 – PSB002/089/01/2021, PSB002/087/01/2021
MODULE 4 – PSB002/093/01/2021, PSB002/091/01/2021
MODULE 5 (NEW!) – PSB002/140/01/2021, PSB002/141/01/2021, PSB002/142/01/2021, PSB002/143/01/2021, PSB002/144/01/2021, PSB002/145/01/2021,

PSB002/048/04/2021, PSB002/049/04/2021


The ConsultCPD team has taken all reasonable care in making the arrangement for the psychology CPD course. In the event of unforeseen disruptions, ConsultCPD cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by delegates. The programme is correct at the time of printing but ConsultCPD reserves the right to alter the programme if and when deemed necessary.

Delegates should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance. The organiser reserve the right to make changes as and when necessary without deemed prior notice to the parties concerned. All disputes are subject to resolution under South African Law.

Should such events as Forc Majeuere (e.g. war, earthquake, fire, flood, vandalism, destruction, act of God or of government, legislative enactment or amendment, regulatory interference strikes, lockouts or any other industrial disputes as well as other caused beyond the reasonable control of a party) render the organisers unable to deliver such service, the organiser shall not be held responsible. The organiser cannot be held responsible for any damages, and or costs whatsoever arising from any alteration or cancellation.

The purpose of lectures and presentations at ConsultCPD is to provide continued professional education for purposes of CPD points and to discuss principles of psychology: and not all to be used for purposes of individual advice or therapy. ConsultCPD is not liable to any participant in the programme or third party for any harm that may be caused if the content of any lecture or reading material is used for purposes of individual advice or therapy.

The material in the ConsultCPD program represent the opinion of the particular presenters and authors.