Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between Psychology CPD Well and the ConsultCPD program for psychologists?

A: ConsultUS (Pty) Ltd and Stellenbosch University introduced the Psychology CPD Well program in the year 2003. The program continued for 15 successful years and the agreement between Stellenbosch University and ConsultUS (Pty) Ltd came to an end at the end of December 2018. From January 2019, ConsultUS introduced the Consult|CPD program aimed at psychologists and other health professionals making use of the same (but upgraded) user friendly software than previously used on the Psychology CPD Well program up to the end of 2018.

Q: I created an account but I do not see the module I want to do?

A: Please note that you have to Register for a module after creating an account. Click the ‘Register for Modules’ button on your dashboard when logged into the system.

Q: Help! I’ve forgotten (or never received) my username and password?

A: Try to retrieve it by clicking here – the system will send you a password reset email. Note the e-mail address which is reported, if this is incorrect, please contact our Administrative Contact, who will help you. You will need to quote your HPCSA number.

Q: I experience problems logging in.

A: Please note that the username and password you were supplied with, are all case sensitive. They must be entered exactly as given in the notification. Also, please ensure that there are no accidental spaces – for example, when cutting and pasting from an e-mail, it is easy to accidentally insert an extra space at the end. Also, your username probably does not have a space after the PS! As you are then using an incorrect username or password, your login attempt will fail.

When contacting us about login problems, please give your HPCSA number. Also, please indicate which link you tried to access when getting the problem. In addition, please mention how many times you had to enter your username and password prior to receiving an “access denied” message.

Q: I can’t find the questionnaire that I want to complete?

A: When you log in you will see the dashboard of your account listing the module(s) you registered for. Click on any of these to go to the screen with learning material and questionnaires. Once you have successfully completed a questionnaire it will no longer be available for completion. If you do not see any modules listed simply click on the ‘Register for module’ button and follow the instructions. NOTE that all articles and questionnaires are available to paid up participants and only paid up accounts will have access to these.

Q: I struggle to access the articles on the reading list?

A: All articles and questionnaires are available to paid up participants until the closing date of he program. See the above point for accessing these. NOTE that all articles and questionnaires are available to paid up participants only.

Q: I struggle to open a supporting file for the questionnaires?

A: This could typically happen when trying to open a big file with a slow internet connection. It is better to first download the file to your computer (usually right click on the name and choose ‘Save as’) and then open it. If the ‘Save as’ option is not available you’ll have to change your browser settings for applications.

Q: I have not yet received an e-mail with my username and password.

A: There are a number of possible reasons:

♦Your e-mail box is full and the message could not be delivered.
♦The e-mail address we have on file may be incorrect, or may have been mis-typed .
♦Although we send out an e-mail, we cannot always guarantee that it is delivered, received or read!
♦Please try our password recovery service and if this does not help, contact our Administrative Contact who will check your record. You will need to quote your HPCSA number or surname.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Log into the system by clicking on the “Login” option at the left-hand side of the screen. Then once logged in successfully, click on the ‘Account’ drop-down top right and choose ‘Password Reset’. Follow the instructions.

Q: Where and how do I see the number of points earned?

A: Simply log on to the system and click on ‘My Profile’ option top right. Click on certificates button on the screen and choose the year of your certificate. Please note that ConsultUS submit all points on your behalf to the HPCSA. The certificate is for your records only.
Your CPD points will be submitted monthly to the HPCSA on your behalf and/or before the deadline of the programme. You will receive a confirmation from the HPCSA once they have updated your profile.

Q: Can I carry forward excess CPD hours to the next year?

A: This depends on the guidelines of the professional body. Some may allow carrying forward a limited number of excess CPD hours into the following year, while others may require you to start fresh each year.  The HPCSA guidelines state that your points have a 2 year “shelf-life” which implies that points can be carried over to the next year.  If, for example you require 30 points for 2023, but you completed 40 points in total, 10 of your points can be carried over and used towards your 2024 points.

Q: What should I do if I fail to meet the required CPD hours for the year?

A: If you find yourself falling short of the required CPD hours for a particular year, the HPCSA does allow you to make up the points in the current year.  If, for example, you only acquired 10 points in 2023, you can do an additional 20 points in 2024 to make up the shortfall for 2023.  You will then have to do 50 points in 2024 to get up to date. The HPCSA will accept these points.  Providers are not allowed to give you access to their courses of a previous year as the courses are HPCSA accredit per year and the points will then no longer be valid.